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RAM commercial featuring JUANES – Celeb hair and makeup artist Jennifer Naideth



Words cannot describe the experience working on this commercial. Four days of fun hanging with the infamous and awesome JUANES .  Partnering up with Kristin Hans Fernandez as fashion stylist , we had Juanes looking and feeling his best and I think it shows in his smile in this commercial.


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Record Breaking Recording artists MANA hold press conference at the Staples Center – Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Naideth

The Mexican pop rock group Mana set a record at the Staples Center on Thursday night.

The arena in downtown Los Angeles has been around since 1999, and in that time, it’s played host to Madonna, U2 and other pop mega stars. But Mana set the record for most performances in the arena’s 13-year history.

It was Mana’s ninth straight performance, another in a long list of sold-out shows. They started out in Guadalajara, Mexico, more than 25 years ago and went on to become a Latino rock super-group. It was in Los Angeles where their international stardom got started.

“It’s a tremendous honor to say that this beautiful building is not only home to the Lakers, but now it’s the Mana house,” said Alex Gonzalez, the drummer for the Grammy award-winning group.

At a press conference, all four members of the band were honored as the only musical act to play at the arena a record nine times.

I was on hand for hair and makeup for the group! They were such great guys and it was so much fun to be in the dressing rooms at the Staples Center.  The show was something I will remember forever, what a great performance!  Here is a pic from the press conference and from the show .