SEE eyewear

I worked an event at Beverly center with SEE eyewear and I fell in love with their style and selection! If you have never heard of them check them out on facebook  or their website at . If you like their style as much as me you will want to go down to the store at the Beverly Center and have a try on session! They run specials and promotions so check their facebook for the latest and greatest.

SEE’s principals utilize their contacts cultivated over decades in the industry. The question they ask? Who is turning out designs that reflect the most forward thinking and unique product? We’re addicted to uncovering hidden gems and little known sources when creating designs. After the design phase, prototypes are sent to SEE for review where they go through another relentless editing process. If it isn’t “special”, it doesn’t make the cut. As a result, SEE’s collection is an eclectic and unique assortment of the best of the best: made exclusively for us. Mass production is a massive no-no at SEE.


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