The lady and the sailor photo shoot

I am absolutely in love with this line! I had the pleasure of shooting their look book with my trusty assistant Romina .

“the lady & the sailor” was launched in April 2009 by owner/designer Brittany Correy. The Parisian inspired line is comprised of clean, chic basics in a classic palette of colors; highlighted by your quintessential French stripes and bright pops of color that vary by season.

Correy’s passion for design began early on, styling herself and her friends with originality and vigor. She has worked in retail styling and fashion merchandising for almost a decade, shaping her skill for design as well as developing her interest in proprietorship. “I created the line out of my frustration for always needing something I didn’t have.” says Correy. “I was endlessly in need of a tee that wasn’t too boxy, but still draped in all the right places. Or a tank that was long enough to layer, pieces with flattering necklines – I needed building pieces to create outfits. ”


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