stylehaus Redefining style. One member at a time.

stylehaus Redefining style. One member at a time.



Check out this amazing one of a kind boutique that I am the resident artist at.

As a member of stylehaüs, each customer calls ahead and reserves a half-hour window for a style appointment. Members arrive to be greeted by their personal stylist and fashion expert who has a style identity dossier on every aspect of their person and purchase history. The stylist has already pre-pulled an entire selection of clothes catered to the customers fit and style preference. After the appointment, the customers is free to shop the store with any of the stylehaüsstyle team, while enjoying a refreshing beverage from the full bar or coffee and espresso station. In addition, any member may call the stylehaüs membership line at anytime and request a custom clothing pull. A stylehaüs stylist will assemble a selection of clothes and accessories based on the members dossier and ship them to the members home, or any location where they are currently vacationing, shooting or otherwise and they will have 48 hours to review the pull, keep what they want, ship the rest back to the store, and we will charge the selections to the member’s account.


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